COUTEAU Spyderco Chicago G-10 AcierCTS-BD1 Plaquettes G10 SC130GP Couteau cran d'arrêt - LIVRAISON GRATUITE


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COUTEAU Spyderco Chicago G-10  Acier CTS-BD1 Plaquettes G10 SC130GP Couteau cran d'arrêt

Couteau pliant Spyderco Chicago G-10 - Longueur fermé  7.92cm - Longueur de la lame 5.08cm - Longueur ouvert 12.77cm - Lame en acier CTS-BD1 - Platines en acier - Plaquettes du manche en G10 - Ouverture d'une main - Système de sécurité - Clip

  • Chicago - 3 1/8" closed linerlock. 2" full-flat ground CTS-BD1 stainless blade with thumb hole. Black G-10 handles with reversible wire style stainless pocket clip. (Note: Many U.S. metropolitan cities - including Chicago - restrict carrying pocket knives in public to knives with blades 2" or under. This knife could be carried legally in Chicago and other cities with this law.)
  • Weight: 0.16lbs